Who We Are

All this started several years ago with two friends on a bike ride in the desert Southwest. One evening in the middle of nowhere during dinner discussion somebody said: It would be fun to have our own custom bikes!

And here we go! When back home, we started to investigate how to build Choppers, bought some books, searched the internet and talked to local bike shops.

Call it crazy, but with no prior experience, we started buying parts off of the Internet. An engine here, a wheel there. Before long, we had all of the essentials. It would have been great if they had all fit! We kept hearing that all of this stuff we were buying was "standard". This was annoying to us! We thought that “they’ll take it back if it does not fit”, but it did not really work that way. This term “standard” was driving us crazy and our manta became: "Everything is standard, but nothing fits!" Eventually, we figured out that there just a lot of “standards” in this industry, and we just had to it out.

There was another problem, which we ultimately handled the same way. Most of the parts do not come with instructions and there was not so many people around to explain us how to assemble this stuff.

With perseverance, we made it! Then we had a bunch of extra parts to put on sale and hence came the idea: why don’t we start a business? and build more choppers and sell parts that will fit!

So, we would like to pass along what we know and assist you in realizing your dream as well. If you want to create, build and ride your own machine, contact us and let’s see how we can help.


And... Welcome to the custom world!


Sometimes later, during a trip to Europe, the guy seated next to me on the plane was a mechanic in a bike custom shop in Switzerland. We started talking and he told us that they needed to find more Harleys to customize. Here we go again with shipping bikes overseas. The first three shipments were not what we would call a success. We could not ship because bike packing was done with wood that did not meet international shipping regulations. When they arrived at destination some bikes could not be registered due to different emission regulations... and so on. Again, we have it figured out now and have expanded this side of the business as well. If you want to take advantage of our experience in purchasing a bike in the US and have it shipped overseas, do not hesitate to contact us.